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June 10, 2009

Lazy Fuckers

Well no, we’re not acually.

We are out seeing films  Рlots of them.

Just to write about on this blog. It is all we think about and what we devote our lives to.  And very soon we will be posting all about them, right here.*

Here is a recent picture of the film bunnies (Craig is out getting popcorn) at our local theatre, all primed for blog research.

Right after this photo was taken, Alex said to me “If you don’t get those fuckin’ sideburns out of my Katherine Ross inspired hair your “If…” badge will be pinned to your scrotum.”

film buffs

I went from “If…” to “O Lucky Man!” to “Britannia Hospital” in the space of a few minutes.

*certain parts (perhaps even all) of this statement may not necessarily be 100% accurate.